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{Basic Info} SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44882944 In-Game Name: Atlas Elsing Age: 18 (07/09/2001) Hours On Server: 1 Day; 9 Hours Number of Warns: 0 Donator Rank: VIP Plus Previous Staff Experience: 5 Month Euphoria Servers; 1 Month Superior Servers Refers: None Gmod Admin Familiarities: ULX Primarily, but I'm a quick learner. ---- {Basic Agreements & Acknowledgement} Working microphone to use on Discord or other platforms: Yes. Willingness to be active and devote to improving user experience: Yes Willingness to abide rules, policies, and respect decisions made by higher ranks: Yes ---- {Long Answer Questions} What would you do if you saw a user that had recently joined struggling to adapt to our server and get the hand of things?: I've actually ran into this multiple times before on Superior Servers. It's one of the first DarkRP's that show, so new players 8/10 times will join it. Each time I primarily focused on teaching them abbreviations of the rules (RDM=Random Death Match, etc.) and how to get their own base setup. From fading doors, to how to begin a business, I like to give them the basics without ruining the experience of trial and failure. The biggest thing I try to keep them pinned on in the end though is our rules, as the community is always willing to help answer questions, they may not be so lenient if the person spends their time RDMing. How would you go about someone of who is being accused by multiple witnesses of hacking on our server but with no physical evidence?: Without any physical evidence (Screenshots, videos, or logs showing multiple deaths from across the map), my best option would be to First: Reccomend to witnesses recording software such as OBS, or teach them how to screenshot. Second: Spectate the accused player consistently, for me to have a chance to catch it with my own eyes and software. Without any evidence, for all I could know, a team of friends could be trying to get one person they don't like banned. While this isn't always the case when there isn't evidence, it's the reason why we require solid evidence of serious accusations. 
3 months ago

I made a small compilation of various things on the server that I thought could be fixed to help it out. !motd brings you to the forum thread, but does not fully load it. You can't view the rules this way. Server advert "Join or discord by typing !discord in chat!" has a grammar error. Add more civilian-based jobs. Without breaking laws, you can only be gov jobs, hotel manager, bank manager, vape dealer, security, or gun dealer to make money. (And that's only IF the player count is decent enough since you get paid by players. The maintenance job mod is one widely used on other servers: it's simple, makes the player money, and keeps them passively active. The trashman also deserves a fix. Don't make props so limited. For base defense building, it's alright. But for passive roleplayers, it's very hard to make home-looking structures. Perhaps consider whitelisting the following: models/props_wasteland/interior_fence002c.mdl models/props_wasteland/interior_fence002b.mdl models/props_wasteland/interior_fence002a.mdl models/props_c17/chair02a.mdl models/props_interiors/Furniture_chair03a.mdl models/props_junk/PopCan01a.mdl models/props_trainstation/payphone001a.mdl models/props_junk/garbage128_composite001a.mdl models/props_wasteland/controlroom_chair001a.mdl models/props_c17/gate_door02a.mdl models/props_c17/gate_door01a.mdl models/props_c17/furnitureStove001a.mdl models/props_interiors/SinkKitchen01a.mdl Thank you for reading this.
4 months ago