Server Suggestions
Started by Atlas

I made a small compilation of various things on the server that I thought could be fixed to help it out.

  • !motd brings you to the forum thread, but does not fully load it. You can't view the rules this way.
  • Server advert "Join or discord by typing !discord in chat!" has a grammar error.
  • Add more civilian-based jobs. Without breaking laws, you can only be gov jobs, hotel manager, bank manager, vape dealer, security, or gun dealer to make money. (And that's only IF the player count is decent enough since you get paid by players. The maintenance job mod is one widely used on other servers: it's simple, makes the player money, and keeps them passively active. The trashman also deserves a fix.
  • Don't make props so limited. For base defense building, it's alright. But for passive roleplayers, it's very hard to make home-looking structures. Perhaps consider whitelisting the following:
    • models/props_wasteland/interior_fence002c.mdl
    • models/props_wasteland/interior_fence002b.mdl
    • models/props_wasteland/interior_fence002a.mdl
    • models/props_c17/chair02a.mdl
    • models/props_interiors/Furniture_chair03a.mdl
    • models/props_junk/PopCan01a.mdl
    • models/props_trainstation/payphone001a.mdl
    • models/props_junk/garbage128_composite001a.mdl
    • models/props_wasteland/controlroom_chair001a.mdl
    • models/props_c17/gate_door02a.mdl
    • models/props_c17/gate_door01a.mdl
    • models/props_c17/furnitureStove001a.mdl
    • models/props_interiors/SinkKitchen01a.mdl

Thank you for reading this.

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4 months ago

Hi, thanks for your detailed list! Things like this really help us improve.

I'm working on fixing the web-fonts for the MOTD which is what seems to be causing Garry's Mod to throw errors.

I've fixed the grammatical error with the Discord advert.

The civillian jobs are a great idea and I'll definitely work to bring more functionality to them.

The props being limited is due to our blacklist actually being a whitelist. This means we must individually allow props instead of individually blocking them. If you find any other useful props, feel free to post them and we will likely whitelist them for you.



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Made you look :)
4 months ago

I have a suggestion about making the PD a more played role by adding in ranks to the police role aswell as training documents and tests sort of like how supremacy servers do it. I would also like to recomend a new forum system dm me at James Simos#9859

About 1 month ago