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Official Application Format

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If you have been denied, wait for 2 weeks before re-applying!

Not following the format or leaving things incomplete will result in an instant denial!



Steam Name/In-Game Alias:

Age (Must be 14+):

Hours On Our Server (Must be 24+):

Amount of Warns on Our Server:

Do you have a working mic and are you able to download Discord?: (Y/n)

Are you willing to follow our staff rules and server rules while also listening to our administration team?: (Y/n)

Do you have any administration experience on other game servers? (Please list what community, your rank and the duration you staffed for that server.):

Did any staff member(s) refer you to apply for staff? If so, please list them:


Situational Questions:


You see a higher rank abusing their power, but it's on another staff member than yourself. How do you react to this situation?:


Someone calls a sit because they were RDMed. You bring the supposed RDMer, and he says that the person he killed specifically asked him to kill him. What would you do in this situation?:

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