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  1. Skeptic

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    Free CSS content for your game without all the bullshit and ads.
  2. If you have been denied, wait for 2 weeks before re-applying! Not following the format or leaving things incomplete will result in an instant denial! SteamID: Steam Name/In-Game Alias: Age (Must be 14+): Hours On Our Server (Must be 24+): Amount of Warns on Our Server: Do you have a working mic and are you able to download Discord?: (Y/n) Are you willing to follow our staff rules and server rules while also listening to our administration team?: (Y/n) Do you have any administration experience on other game servers? (Please list what community, your rank and the duration you staffed for that server.): Did any staff member(s) refer you to apply for staff? If so, please list them: Situational Questions: You see a higher rank abusing their power, but it's on another staff member than yourself. How do you react to this situation?: Someone calls a sit because they were RDMed. You bring the supposed RDMer, and he says that the person he killed specifically asked him to kill him. What would you do in this situation?:
  3. Skeptic

    DarkRP Rules

    General Rules 1. Do not harass or bully other players! This includes any form of discrimination. 2. Do not attempt to evade punishment for any reason. This will likely result in the punishment being extended. 3. Do not do anything to harm the server. This includes (D)DoS Attacks, Doxing, Hacking and Exploitation. 4. Be respectful to our staff. Remember, we're here to help and we are on your side! 5. Do not bait or encourage people to engage in rule breaking. Roleplay Rules RDM - Random Death Match: You may only kill someone if they are directly a threat to your life or if the situation or job selection allows you to do so. To kill a person with no specific reason, they must meet the following criteria: Actively breaking into your owned property Passing a clearly stated and legible KOS Line Committing a violent crime against you (Self Defense) Are an active and direct danger to your life To kill a person for a job related reason, you must first ensure that: Advert the action before doing so Make sure to actually have a legitimate reason for doing so in a way of which can be logged (such as the hit system) NLR - New Life Rule NLR goes into affect immediately after you die. You must follow these rules once you have been killed legitimately: You do not remember who attacked you or why they did so. You cannot remember anything about your past life (RP related). You must not return to the point of your death until 3 minutes has passed. If someone is raiding, you must let them continue the raid uninterrupted if they are still in their allotted time limit. CDM - Car Death Match On our server, CDM is determined by two things: Clear intent of the driver to hit you (For example, drastically swerving in your direction) Hitting someone on a sidewalk, crosswalk or any place designated for citizens to walk. Metagaming - Metagaming is RPing in any source other than the in-game local chat or advert chat. You cannot talk to people through external sources such as Discord. You also cannot use OOC for role-play actions. Raiding, Mugging & Stealing - Timing - You must wait 10 minutes in between raiding someone (15 minutes in between for the same person). You must wait 10 seconds after adverting mug to act upon a person unless they try to resist you. You may only raid for 10 minutes after the initial advert, and you must advert before lock picking the first door to the base. You must wait 5 minutes before mugging again (10 minutes in between the same person). Money Amounts - The max mug amount is 5k. The max you can charge for a hostage to be released is 25K (50K for someone important such as the President). The max you can charge for someone's car back is 20K. General - You must be a criminal class to commit crimes. This includes raiding, mugging and stealing! You must properly advert every action in this category. Basing & Building Rules - 1. You may use one ways, but they must be bulletproof from both sides. 2. You must have a keypad for every fading door entry on each side of the fading door. 3. If you would like to not be killed while building, simply put up a sign that says "building". Note you cannot have a building sign present with any entities in the building such as printers, bitcoin miners, drugs, etc. 4. If someone has a building sign up, do not raid them. 5. You may not use black bases, maze bases or crouch bases. 6. You may not use a hit-box system. This means a wall with a tiny slit in the middle of which is almost impossible for the raider to shoot through 7. You must own all the doors inside a building for it to actually be yours. If you cannot own all the doors, don't own any of them! 8. You may block off other entries to your base as long as there is one entry still available that can be broken into. 9. You may only own one base, this does not include co-ownership. Government - Default Laws (active even with no president): Laws marked with * can't be changed by the president. 1. The speed limit is 40MPH 2. Murder, rape and kidnapping is always illegal. 3. Anything over a pistol is illegal to carry or conceal on your person. You also cannot sell guns over a pistol without a license. 4. Running from law enforcement is illegal. - Job Specific Rules - Terrorist- 1. You must wait 10 minutes in between terror. 2. You must properly advert terror every time you do so. 3. Terrorists are KOS by the public, watch out!